Team 1 Family Theme - 8.7.20

Wednesday 8th July – Family Fun

This week’s family fun activity is for each person in your household to each come up with five questions linked to a category and to create a family fun quiz.

It might be questions to do from a book, a film, a TV programme, maths questions, football, toys etc.

The most important thing is, is that you MUST know the answers to your questions! Then when everyone is ready you can enjoy your family quiz.

Our questions to add to your quiz are to do with plants.

1. Which flower have you planted and watched grow over the last few weeks?

2. Name three parts of a flower or plant.

3. Name something plants need to grow well.

4. What do we call the brown/black stuff that you plant plants into?

5. How tall has the tallest sunflower grown? (Have a wild guess!)