Team 1 Music - Thursday 18.6.20

Today you have a choice of what you would like to do linking to music.

You can either:

· Learn one of the songs from the list below. They are to common tunes, which you should all know.

· Learn one of the songs and then add some actions to it.

· Create some music by using different resources from around the home to go with one of the songs.

· Create your own ‘growing’ song with words and actions.

Here are the songs:

· I’m a Little Bean (to the tune of I’m a little teapot)

· Acorns into Oak Trees (to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star)

· Growing Plants (to the tune of London’s burning)

· Growing Seeds (to the tune of for he’s a jolly good fellow)

· How to make the Flowers Grow (to the tune of Polly put the kettle on)

Have a quick search on YouTube for a karaoke version of you are unsure of the tunes.

If you would like to, you could record yourself singing/acting/making music to a song and send it to your class teacher.

Have fun!