Year 1 Phonics - Week bg 4.1.21

Click on each sound for a phonics lesson to do together at home with your child.

Tuesday - recap the 'ay' sound.

Wednesday - learn the 'ou' sound.

Thursday - learn the 'oy' sound.

Friday - learn the 'ea' sound.

You can also have a go at learning to spell the words: me and for. Ask your child to have a go at writing the words each day. This could be writing the word repeatedly or using the word in a sentence.

You could also have a go at reading real and 'nonsense' words using the Phonics Play website.

Click on the phase you would like to work on and then the focus sound. Year 1 children should now be working on phase 5 but some children will need to revise phase 3. Encourage your child to sound out and then blend the words each time. You could then ask them to have a go at writing some of the words - remind them about how to spell the focus sound.

If you having trouble with the phonics play games. Here is an alternative website:

Have fun!