Team 1 Reading

Regular reading is vital. Please find time to read with your child as often as you can. This could be the school reading book, books from your shelves at home or a library book.

Below is a link to a website offering free eBooks.

Oxford Owl is simple to use and offers a range of interesting books. You can sign up for free! Once registered, you can browse the eBook library by age, series, book band or book type.

A note for our Year 2s...

Once you have found an eBook or a paper version of a book you like, you can easily search on Accelerated Reader book finder to see if it falls in your Accelerated Reader range.

Here are some 60 Second Reads which will allow you to complete some comprehension based questions.

- Terrible Tornadoes

- Terrific Travel Competition

- The Diary of a Castle Knight

- The Most Heroic