Team 1 Theme - 11.5.20

Bocketts Farmyard Classroom

Episode 5

‘The Farming Year’

Here is the fifth episode of Bocketts Farmyard Classroom series and today we’re taking a look at The Farming Year.

Don’t forget to have your work booklet and pens at the ready.

(Today you will need page 3 in your workbook)

You need to have a go at writing in the different events that happen within a farming year. There are some clues there for you! Remember you can always go back and use the video to help you too.


Choose one or two of the different events in the farming year and find some more out about it. Try to choose one that you do not know much about. For example: haymaking or Harvest. Write down some facts either on paper or on the computer, draw a picture, create a poster and learn something new!