Team 1 Theme - 12.5.20

Tuesday 12th May – Science: Food Chains

Today you are going to learn about food chains – which is the order in which different animals and plants are eaten.

Here is an example of a food chain.

The flower is eaten by the snail. The snail is eaten by the frog. The frog is eaten by the fox.

The flower is the PRODUCER. The snail, the frog and the fox are all CONSUMERS.

Activity 1

Watch these videos to learn more about food chains.

Activity 2

Your challenge is to see if you can make a paper chain version of a food chain. Remember you need to put them in the order linked to who eats what. Please click here for some ideas of different animals and plants you might use. You can either print these off and colour them in or create your own.

If you can, can you include a food chain, which includes a farm animal?

Activity 3

Click here to play a game all about food chains!