Team 1 Theme 29.6.20

PSHE: British Red Cross First Aid Champions

Today we are continuing with our learning about First Aid and the British Red Cross.

You are going to begin looking at some different First Aid Skills and why First Aid is important.

Activity 1

Before you start, why do you think First Aid is important? What different things might you need to be able to do as a First Aider? Think back to when you have gone to First Aid at school. Write down some suggestions.

Activity 2

Now click play on the ‘Why is First Aid Important?’ and discuss these statements with a parent. Now complete the body activity. Follow this link for access to the slides

and click here the body outline.

Activity 3

Scroll down and you will see eight different First Aid Skills. Today we would like you to choose 2 or 3 different skills to learn about. It is your choice which ones you would like to learn about. Tomorrow you will choose a couple more to look into.