Team 1 Theme 3.7.20

Friday 3rd July – Observational Drawing 1

Today we are asking you to have a close look at how your sunflower is growing.

What can you see? What might be happening to the seeds you planted?

Have a go at completing this sheet. You will need to draw and colour what you can see so far, have a go at measuring how tall it is and write a few sentences about what is happening and what you can see. Remember to use key words from the word mat and slides from yesterday.


If you would like to, you can have a go at a timeline drawing. This involves putting your sunflower pot near some paper outside and drawing the shadow it creates on the paper. Each time we ask you to do your drawings of your sunflower; you can add this drawing next to the last one. You should hopefully end up with a timeline of your sunflower growing. Here is an example of what we mean by a shadow drawing (image not linked to sunflowers!).