Team 1 Theme 6.5.20

Bocketts Farmyard Classroom

Episode 3

‘Caring for animals’

In today’s episode of the Bocketts Farmyard Classroom we’re learning all about how to care for animals. Farmer Hannah takes us on an adventure around the farm to check some of the animals as well as teaching us how to look after them.

Don’t forget to print off the accompanying worksheets and work booklet, or grab some paper and pens to copy the activities.

Click here to watch episode 3!

(Today, you will need the caring for animals pages (4 and 5) from the work booklet)

In the video, Farmer Hannah will give you clues to help you complete the caring for animal pages. You can also do the word search.


Choose your favourite farm animal from the video and describe how you would care for it. You need to describe what you are checking and looking for, what they eat and what they need to stay healthy and survive.

You could make a poster to show this.