Team 1 Theme - 7.7.20

Tuesday 7th July – Planning a Seed Packet

As your sunflowers are growing nicely, we would like you to think about designing a seed packet for your sunflower seeds, but you need to work out what information is important to add onto the packet.

Have a think… what information do you think it will need?

  • You are going to need to think about a name.

  • You need to find your sunflower fact sheet to take some interesting facts from there to add onto the back.

  • You are going to need to think about an image to draw.

  • Important information (which you might need to research) such as planting and growing times, ideal location to plant it, heights it might grow to and what you need to do to look after it.

You will be creating your seed packet later on in the week, so today is about gathering the information to put onto it.