Team 1 Theme 8.6.20

Team 1 Science - Monday 8th June

As our theme is ‘Let’s Grow’, we are going to think about growing and growing up in terms of humans this week.

Today’s challenge is linked to ‘How humans change as they grow’.

Activity 1

Can you think of how humans change as they grow? Write down as many different things that you can think of. For example, humans get taller as they grow.

Activity 2

Have a look through these slides to find out a bit more about how humans change as they grow. Before you look through them, do you know the different stages of development a human will go through? (We start as babies – that is your first clue!) Also, the slides have answers at the bottom which link to the questions! Try and cover these so the children can have a think first before revealing them.

Once you have finished looking through the slides, were any of your ideas the same? Have you learnt something new?

Activity 3

Your task is to make a timeline to show how a human changes from baby to elderly. Click here for some pictures you can use or you can draw your own.

Can you write a fact to go with each stage – something that you have learnt from these slides?