Team 1 Theme: 'Mini' Sports Day 17.5.20

Well, it's our final day of the Summer Term and we thought that it would be fun to have a mini sports day this afternoon, especially as we have been unable to do the school sports day in our usual style.

You could set up some events in your garden or go to a nearby park to do some fun, physical activities.

You could have a go at some of the following events or you could make up some of your own:

Obstacle course

Running race (this could be about distance or speed)

Bouncing or throwing and catching a ball for 5 minutes

Long jump - how far can you jump?

Ball / bean bag throw - how far can you throw the ball / bean bag?


The list goes on...

We hope that you all have lots of fun and make sure that you get your grown ups, brothers and sisters to join in too!