Team 1 Theme wb 4.1.21

We start our new Theme with some Geography!

Session 1

We are going start by learning where the United Kingdom (UK) is in the world.

Look at this world map.

Can you ask a grown-up to help you find Europe? We live in Europe.

Now, can you find the UK on the map? Have another look at the UK map – can you find Crediton?

Have a go on Google maps – using the link below (WITH A GROWN UP!) type in Crediton – zoom in and out to show aerial view and where Crediton is in relation to rest of UK and click on ‘earth’ to show close up images of Landscore school.,-3.6754311,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x486db1d928e9727d:0x9bd2fbe1d40dd3b2

What countries make up the United Kingdom?

Watch this short clip to explore the UK with Freya.

Do you know all the countries of the UK?

Use this interactive UK map to name the 4 countries together with your grown-up.

Have fun!

Session 2

Today we are going to be learning the capital cities of the UK.

Watch this short clip about Freya's Uncle Bob again...

Where does he visit?

Can you remember the capital city of each country in the UK?

Use this interactive map to name them all.


Using this blank template of the UK - can you add labels for the 4 countries and their capital cities?

Use these images if it helps.

Good luck!

Send us photos of you completed maps.