Team 2 Poem

Hello Team 2! We miss you! You might know that some more children are in school now, but not our year groups just yet. You are all doing amazingly well at home - keep up the fantastic work! We will still be posting on the website and we still want to see all the great things you are getting up to at home! Mrs Willcocks has kindly written a poem and all the adults in Team 2 have read it for you below - you could write your own poem and send us a video of you performing it. We would love to see it!

Here is a copy of the Team 2 poem:

It’s been ages since we’ve been together

Weeks since we’ve seen your faces

We think about you all the time

We’re just all in a different places


Your trays are still here waiting

Your books sat on the shelf

We will welcome you all back

When your done looking after yourself

We miss our morning reading

The laughter of you all

The buzz of young minds learning

Your work up on the wall

Keep doing what you’re doing

Make the most of every day

Remember you are children

Use this time to play

You can help out round the house

Do some cooking, bake a cake

Play out in the sunshine

Or make a chocolate milkshake

Have fun at home and enjoy your learning

Keep sending your photos in

Do your best and make the most of it

You won’t have this time again

But if you’re feeling worried

Or your feeling down and blue

You can always reach out to us

We are all still here for you

Because we are all in this together

Whether near or far

When you look up in the night sky

We all see the same star

Parents, do not worry

This weird time will soon pass

Enjoy this time together

They will soon be back in class!

Soon we will all be together again

But we’ll wait till the right time

But until then remember we miss you

But we're Team 2! So we'll be fine!