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Team 3 RAMM visit

On Thursday and Friday, we had a very exciting opportunity to visit the RAMM museum in Exeter!

The children enjoyed travelling to Exeter on the train – the first time for many!

At the museum we had the opportunity to explore many different exhibits and look at different periods of history across the world.

Whilst we were there, we were lucky enough to visit the Ancient Egyptian collection. The RAMM’s collection contains around 600 objects from ancient Egypt, dating from the Predynastic to Medieval eras.

The children were able to get up close to a real sarcophagus – Shep en-Mut! They found it really interesting finding out about where Shep en-Mut was discovered and how her sarcophagus has been analysed since discovery. The children were able to view lots of primary resources, including a range of amulets, a fragment of hieroglyphic text from the tomb of Khaemhat in Thebes and grave goods from Saft-el-Henna, excavated by Flinders Petrie in 1906.

The children also worked on their sketching skills as they walked around the museum and were able to sketch many different artefacts whilst learning about their origin.

The children will be using their Egyptian sketches to influence their designs for their clay sarcophagus creation later this term.

Below are some of the artefacts we saw!


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