The Adventures of Mo - Part Two!

Hi everyone! Wowee! What an amazing time you have been having! As you can see I have been working on the computer and I have loved looking at the activities you have been doing. Fabulous poems, amazing arrays, brilliant maths, great descriptions and even a rainforest diorama already! But guess what…I was given a yellow card today…can you believe it?? All I did was get a couple of things out of a bin and roll around in them… and I got a yellow card… perhaps I was a bit smelly afterwards and maybe I had eaten a couple of things I shouldn’t have…however, never fear… I’m going to use an idea from Daniel’s goblin character description where the goblin had such smelly breath he ate Extra Strong Mints. Yum!

I love this picture that Jayden sent of me – he’s called it “Mo, the superhero dog.” Cool!

Can anyone else draw a picture of me? And don’t forget to send me ideas of where I might end up when I go digging in my garden …Or what I might find in my pond…

Can’t wait to hear from you. Have fun and be safe! Lots of doggy kisses. Mo