The Adventures of Mo!

Hi friends! How are you? I have missed talking to you but I hope you’ve been having a wonderful Easter and have found lots of Easter eggs! I really enjoyed our Easter Hunt at home although I’m not allowed chocolate but I did find some doggy biscuits hidden in the bushes (and a chocolate egg but don’t tell anyone... ssshh).

The result, as you can see, is that I have been given a HUGE haircut – that’s the trouble with all these grown-ups at home all looking at me with a gleam in their eye and scissors in their hand... However, I did get a green card for being so good and had lots of doggy treats so that I would sit still... or at least still for a few seconds at a time. Now I look silver and extra streamlined but I do have the odd tuft of hair sticking out here and there...someone called me a scarecrow – what a cheek! What do you think? Still handsome?? Please write and tell me what you got up to in the Easter jollies and if anyone has been cutting your hair!