The Adventures of Mo - Part Three

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve been having a fabulous day. I am so glad I have you to confide in because...guess what...another yellow card today. I can’t believe it. I’m feeling quite dejected and ...actually slightly queasy. Whilst on my adventures by the pond today, I found some treasure! - some lovely transparent jelly with tiny black specks decorating it. I couldn’t resist having a quick slurp...

Apparently it isn’t jelly – it’s frog spawn that was being saved for your school. Sorry! There is still a little bit left which we’ve now put in a bucket… Anyway, now I have a yellow card… Please could you help me get a green card! Send me some advice as to how to earn a green card – what do I need to do? Thank you in advance. I know you’ll have some fabulous ideas. I’m still reading through your suggestions as to where I might go on my adventures if I keep digging… I’ll report back soon!

Have fun and be safe! Lots of doggy kisses. Mo