Theme Friday!

We would love you to do something different today - something fun, either by yourself or with another member of your a family (including your pets!) If you would like an idea for an activity we have provided one below:

Why don't you write a letter or a postcard to someone you are missing at the moment? This could be a friend at school, a family member, someone you know outside of school or a teacher. Click here to download the letter template Click here to download a postcard template Tell them all about what you have been up to and hopefully put a smile on their face! If you can't send it to them you could take a photo of it or read it over the phone! Please feel free to use the idea above if you would like to or come up with your own activity! The idea is that you use this time to do something you want to do. It's a weird time for everyone at the moment, and we would love to see you doing something fun and creative so we can share your photos with your friends (it can make us all smile!)

Please send in your photos to your teacher so they can upload your wonderful pictures onto the "Team 2 Home Learning Area" -