Theme - Geography

You could use Google Earth or Google Maps to help you -,27.5589646,3z

(Remember - of all the places to see in the world, try and find something other than your own house!) 1. Have a go and see if you can label where the countries in Europe are (bonus points if you find out their capital city!) Click here to download the worksheet (and the answers so be careful!)

2. What other countries can you find? - What countries in Asia can you find?

- What countries in Africa can you find?

- What countries in North and South America can you find? Remember - there are seven continents (these are not countries!) - Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America and these all have countries within them.

You could draw your own map and label some different countries on it! You could make a model and label different countries! You could make a list of different countries and which continents they are on!