Theme - Science 22.4.20

Today's task is to create a new animal and a suitable habitat for it to live in.

Here is my new animal...

It is called a 'Dorgse' - it is a cross between a dog and a horse (my 2 favourites!). This is the lesser spotted version, not seen very often in Devon.

It is the size of a large dog. Much like a horse, it has a long tail to swish away flies. But a Dorgse's tail is huge and very strong, it could easily knock a grown man over! It has short sharp teeth to chop the grass off low down.

It thrives in the mild climate of the British summer, but lives in a miniature stable in the winter as it needs to shelter from the wind and the rain. It loves to eat hay sprinkled with dog biscuits.

Now it is your turn!

What is your animal called? What are its special features or characteristics? Where does it live and why? What does it eat?

Draw and label your animal and habitat.

Remember to share your work with us...can wait to see what your imagination brings.

Have fun!