Thursday 11.6.20 Team 1 Home Learning

Hello all,

Wasn't it just lovely to hear the year 1s singing beautifully! Just what we needed on a wet Wednesday. Thank you!

I wonder what sorts of things the rest of you do to cheer yourselves and others up when you're feeling a bit down because of the weather or just the strange time we are in now.

Personally, I love a big mug of hot chocolate or a cuddle with my dog.

Let us know your top tips for staying cheerful!

We hope you enjoy the activities today.

Year 1 are still about the money money money in maths.

Year 2s are showing us how much they have remembered to help their mental maths with number bonds today.

Annndddd we are super keen to hear from your parents for PSHE today.


Lots of love

Team 1 x

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