Thursday Team 1 Home Learning

Thank you so much for all of the photos you sent in of yourselves and the different things that you have been getting up to.

We really enjoyed seeing the yummy food you helped to create - well done and keep up the good work.

Thanks also to all of the grown-ups who are helping with the activities at home as well as sending in the photos to keep us all updated.

We would still love to hear more about what you are all getting up to at home each day.

Keep sending us photos of your 'work', whether it is cooking, gardening, making something, writing or completing the challenges that we have set you from school!

Keep smiling and have fun!

Team 1 xx

Nate sent me this by email! He used brilliant site called Chattaclub where you can make your own audio stories. It's free and very easy to use. Brilliant for sequencing, we might get the chance to try it out.

He listened to the story of the enormous turnip and then made a video of his own.

Here it is!