William Shakespeare Theme Challenges

Here are a few challenges to have a go at home all about our theme of William Shakespeare.

Challenge 1

Create a fact file all about William Shakespeare.

Research many different facts as you can. Can you find out anything we don’t already know to share with the rest of the class?

Challenge 2

Read a book or play written by William Shakespeare.

There are lots of stories, plays and poems available online to read. Can you write a summary of one of Shakespeare’s stories to share with someone else? Are there any words you don’t understand or think are particularly impressive?

Challenge 3

Take a Shakespeare quiz

Follow the link below to choose one of the quizzes. When you have completed a quiz have a go at making up a quiz yourself to use on your friends and family.


Challenge 4

Create your own stop frame animation

If you are able download the free app ‘I can animate’. Using the skills you have learnt in school have a go at creating your own stop frame animation film. Can you create a stop frame animation of a scene from one of Shakespeare’s plays or a film all about him? Have a go at creating the script for your film and making the characters who will feature in it!

Challenge 5

Sketch the character in Macbeth.

Now we know quite a lot about each of the character in Macbeth have a go at using your artistic skills to sketch each of the characters. You might choose to push yourself and put in the backdrop to the scene that you are drawing them from. When you have finished your sketch can you write a setting and character description to go with them?