Y5/6 English 01.02.21

Sherlock Holmes Week 1 – Writing a Setting Description

Day 1 – To build knowledge of the historical context of the narrative

In this lesson, we will begin learning about life in Victorian London during the Victorian era. We will also begin generating descriptive vocabulary using images from this time period.

Today’s lesson is about 45 minutes, with pauses: https://teachers.thenational.academy/lessons/to-build-knowledge-of-the-historical-context-of-the-narrative-crt68r

Here are the key points and activities from the video:

- Listening to the audio what clues can you hear that tell you time in history Sherlock Holmes is set?

- Do you know anything about the life of Victorians already? What would some of the main differences from today have been?

- Create a mind map of ideas you would find in a Victorian setting. Magpie ideas from the video lesson and use the images to support you. You could even do a bit of research online to look at further pictures of Victorian London.

- Create some sentences using the new vocabulary you have learnt from today’s lesson. You will be writing setting description on Friday so you can use some of today’s work to help you then.

i.e. Imposing buildings towered over the city, which continuously belched smog into the atmosphere.