Y5/6 English 01.03.21

Week 7 – Poetry

In this unit we will look at a famous British poet called John Lyons. We will be looking at his poem ‘Carnival Jumbie’ and ‘Carnival dance’ and using them to inspire our own Carnival poem for our final piece of writing.

This is the second part of the unit but as we only have one week before we all come back to school we didn’t want to miss out on looking at some poetry to finish off our English Home Learning.

Lesson 1 – To analyse ‘Carnival Jumbie’

In this lesson, we will read 'Carnival Jumbie' and listen to a reading by John Lyon, the writer of the poem. We will learn about the context and then analyse the poem's structure, language, themes and tone.


Key points and activities from the video:

● Write down some of the new carnival related words you have learnt and their definition.

● How did you feel about the poem ‘Carnival Jumbie’?

● Can you spot any rhyme and rhyme in the poem?

● How is punctuation used throughout the poem?

● Create a mind map of what you might see at Carnival.