Y5/6 English 02.02.21

Sherlock Holmes Week 1 – Writing a Setting Description

Day 2 - To generate descriptive vocabulary

In this lesson, we will be developing our understanding of what life was like during the Victorian era and mind

mapping extra vocabulary to use in our writing lessons. We will also have a specific focus on using prepositional phrases effectively.

Today’s lesson is about 40 minutes, with pauses: https://teachers.thenational.academy/lessons/to-generate-descriptive-vocabulary-cmv62c

Here are the key points and activities from the video:

- Using your mind map of Victorian London from Day 1 add further vocabulary and details you spot when watching the video of Victorian London again.

- Add some prepositional phrases to you mind map - A prepositional phrase is the position of the noun

- Magpie and change any sentences that you like from the video lesson. The more ideas you generate today the more you will have for your setting description on Thursday.

- Make sure you have included lots of ideas for how to describe ‘Sherlock’s House’ in today lesson.