Y5/6 English 04.02.21

Sherlock Holmes Week 1 – Writing a Setting Description

Day 4 - To write a setting description

In this lesson, we will bring together all of our learning so far to write the first paragraph of our setting description.

Today's lesson is only around 20 minutes, with pauses, but you will need at least 30 minutes to write your setting description. We are expecting over half a page of writing today. You can break this part into a couple of smaller sessions over today if you prefer. (I know I would do it like this!)


Here are the key points and activities from the video:

- Begin your setting description using today’s lesson. If you would like you, can continue it further and even look at the next lessons (9 and 10) that will help you to add even more to a setting description.

- Use your vocabulary and sentences you have built up over the previous lessons this week to support you.

- We really want you to focus on making your presentation and spelling accurate in your writing today.

- Magpie ideas form today lesson to include in your own description. Make sure you change them in some way and not just copy the same sentences down!