Y5/6 English 08.02.21

Week 6 – Sherlock Holmes – Character Description

This week we will be building up to write a character description on Thursday. We want you to really focus on ‘show not tell’ and bring in your own imagination and ideas to describe characters.

Session 1 – To develop understanding of the key characters

In this lesson, we will learn about and generate descriptive vocabulary (including show-not-tell) for the main characters.

Today's lesson is about 40 minutes, with pauses.


Key points and activities from today's video:

- Looking at the characters what, can you infer about them? (Infer means work out).

- What are they wearing or carrying that gives you some clues to their personality?

- Create a mind map for each character to record your ideas in full sentences.

- Magpie great vocabulary and phrases from the lesson and add them to your mind maps.

- Remember ‘show not tell’.