Y5/6 English 09.02.21

Week 6 – Sherlock Holmes – Character Description

This week we will be building up to write a character description on Thursday. We want you to really focus on ‘show not tell’ and bring in your own imagination and ideas to describe characters.

Session 2 – To develop our knowledge of compound and complex sentences.

In this lesson, we will revisit clauses, simple sentences, coordinating conjunctions and compound sentences. We will also apply our knowledge by writing a range of simple and compound sentences using different coordinating conjunctions.

Today’s lesson is about 30 minutes, with pauses.

N.B. Today’s lesson goes back to earlier in the sequence but we need to look at it before tomorrow’s lesson.


Key points and activities from today's video:

- Can you writer down an example and definition of: a simple sentence, a compound sentence and a complex sentence.

- What is a coordinating conjunction? Can you write down some examples?

- Can you think of examples of simple, compound and complex sentences to describe Sherlock Homes and Dr Watson?