Y5/6 English 10.02.21

Week 6 – Sherlock Holmes – Character Description

This week we will be building up to write a character description on Thursday. We want you to really focus on ‘show not tell’ and bring in your own imagination and ideas to describe characters.

Session 3 – To explore complex sentences

In this lesson, we will learn about clauses, main clauses, subordinate clauses, subordinating conjunctions and how to structure complex sentences.

Today’s lesson really builds on yesterday and explores how to create effective complex sentences to add variety to our writing.

Today’s lesson is about 30 minutes, with pauses.


Key points and activities from today's video:

- Think about where to put the subordination in your complex sentences. Write a range of complex sentences varying the subordination position.

- Can you write a definition of a simple sentence, a compound sentence and a complex sentence?

- Can you create some complex sentences that describe our characters?