Y5/6 English 13.07.2020

This week we would like you to become a news reporter!

By the end of the week you will need to have written a news report about an event during the last year at Landscore. You could include your most enjoyable and exciting parts of the year and some of the more unusual parts of the year. You could use your double page spread ideas form a few weeks ago to help.

You will need to use quotes from adults and children and include details about you year that people may not already know about. Feel free to include some ‘fake news’ to exaggerate you newspaper report. (Not really what a good journalist should do!)

There will be a new blog each day to explain your activity for that day...

Monday – What’s in the news?

Watch this video about Gary Younge an ‘Editor at Large’ at a national newspaper.

Taking Gary’s advice today, we want you to read lots of news and then have a go at writing about something that has interested you in what you have read.

Take a look at some of these child friendly news websites on this link: https://www.theguardian.com/newswise/2019/jan/18/child-friendly-news

After reading a range of articles write about an area that has been of interest to you or made you think.