Y5/6 English 23.02.21

Week 7 - Sherlock Holmes – Narrative ‘Free Write’

This week we are building up for you to be able to write your own Sherlock Holmes inspired narrative (story). You can use parts of last week’s character description in your narrative to help you get started.

We will be looking at how punctuate speech in writing so we expect to see you having some speech in your story, perhaps between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

We can’t wait to see what you choose to write in your narratives on Thursday!

Session 2 – To explore punctuating speech.

In this lesson, we will explore punctuating speech first sentences. We will also consider how we can select vocabulary to make our speech sentences more precise for our reader.

Today’s lesson is about 30 minutes, with pauses.


Key points and activities from the video:

- What are the rules for punctuating speech correctly? Write them down so you can refer back to them.

- Think of as many different synonyms that you could use instead of said. The synonym you choose will create an effect to the reader so remember to choose the word with precision.

- Add the correct punctuation for the sentences missing it in the lesson.

- How can you use adverbials to add interest and detail to your speech?

- Think about where you could add speech to last week’s character description or in you narrative this week.