Y5/6 English 24.02.21

Week 7 - Sherlock Holmes – Narrative ‘Free Write’

This week we are building up for you to be able to write your own Sherlock Holmes inspired narrative (story). You can use parts of last week’s character description in your narrative to help you get started.

We will be looking at how punctuate speech in writing so we expect to see you having some speech in your story, perhaps between Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson.

We can’t wait to see what you choose to write in your narratives on tomorrow!

Session 3 – To develop our understanding of punctuating speech

In this lesson, we will develop our understanding of punctuating speech by learning about speech second sentences. We will then apply our knowledge of writing speech sentences by adding these to our character description.

Today’s session is about 25 minutes, with pauses. After you have finished, start to generate some ideas for your narrative that you are writing tomorrow. You could record these as a storyboard. Mind map or Story Mountain. Choose what works best for you.


Key points and activities from the video:

Create a mind map for synonyms for said, you can use some of the ideas you wrote down yesterday. Magpie your favourite from the lesson as well.

What are the rules for punctuation speech? Can you remember them all without looking at the list from yesterday?

Create more sentences of speech you could add to your character description or use in your narrative tomorrow.