Y5/6 RE: Hinduism 24.02.21

Last term, in school, you looked at the creation story for Christianity and compared it to the Big Bang and evolution. Today, you are going to be looking at the Hindu creation story.

Before you get started with today’s session, please watch the videos and complete the quiz to give you a recap of what Hinduism is: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zh86n39/articles/zmpp92p

Hindu creation story:

Your activity for today is to be able to sequence the Hindu creation story and retell it in your own words.

First, go through the PowerPoint below which tells you the creation story. Then, sequence the story in your own words and either use the images linked below or sketch your own.

- PowerPoint slides of the creation story

- Creation story images

- Creation story key vocabulary

Extra information: Hinduism Knowledge Organiser