Y5/6 Theme Blog

Rainforest Challenges

Below are a few challenges for you to have a go at home all about our new theme of Rainforests. You can use our Knowledge Organiser to help you.

1. Name and locate the world’s rainforests.

Have a go at practicing your map skills by locating the world’s rainforests.

Can you spot any patterns? Where are the rainforests located? Are they spread out or evenly located?

For an extra challenge see if you can label the three lines on the world map to the right. Can you explain what each line is?

2. Make your own rainforest ecosystem

Can you make each of the different layers in the rainforest?

Why not make your rainforest in a jar. Add a lid along with some seeds, water and soil to see the rainforest ecosystem in action.

3. Make a rainforest fact file

Research, design and write your own rainforest fact file.

What new information can you discover? What animals and plants live in the rainforest? Don’t forget to bring it into school to share your new knowledge with the rest of the class!

4. Letter for change

Using your own knowledge and extra research think about what the threats are to our rainforests. Have a go at writing a letter of persuasion explaining the threats to our rainforest and what we can do to help.

5. Practising your sewing skills!

You will now have been taught 3 different stitches at school ready to make your rainforest animal toy. Have a go at practising these skills at home ready to finish your toy back in school!

6. Draw a rainforest animal

It’s time to practise your drawing skills. Using your own knowledge and research have a go at drawing some of the animals of the Amazon Rainforest. Can you draw an animal from each layer? For an extra challenge have a go at explaining why each of these animals are best suited to the layer they live in.