Y5/6 Theme blog: Amazing Aztecs

Below are some activities that link to our Aztecs theme. Some of the facts can be found on our Knowledge Organiser (attached).

Aztec theme challenges

Challenge 1:

Where in the world did the Aztec people live?

Research where the Aztecs lived.

Now locate the country using an atlas or google maps.

Can you name the oceans and seas surrounding the country?

How many cities can you locate and name?

Challenge 2:

Aztec Farming

The Aztecs were very good farmers. Research Aztec farming and create a fact file using the information you find out.

Challenge 3:

Aztec cooking

The Aztecs used the ingredients that they grew to make tasty food. Can you find out what foods Aztec people ate? Maybe you can have a go at making Aztec food.

Challenge 4:

Aztec headdresses

Feathers in Aztec art. Inspired by birds such as macaws and quetzal, craftsmen used feathers to make headdresses, pictures and decorated shields. Skilled workers wove brightly coloured feathers together to create beautiful cloaks and headdresses. Only the king and the nobles could wear them. Your challenge is to design an Aztec headdress. You may choose to research different headdresses first for ideas.

Challenge 5:

Aztec Gods

The Gods were very important to the Aztec people. Create a fact file about some of the different Gods.