Y5 SPAG 26.02.21

Spelling – Year 5 / 6 spelling list

1 - Look at the attached Year 5 spelling list. Tick all the words you think you can spell.

2 - Then select 10 words you find tricky and practice using the strategies we have talked about this year:

• Pyramid words

• Trace, copy and replicate

• Look, say, cover, write, check

• Drawing around the word to show the shape

• Drawing an image around the word

• Words without vowels

3- ask someone to test you on all the words you thought you could spell. Add any you get wrong to the list of tricky words you chose.

Grammar – Past and Present Tense

This week you’re looking at 'Past and Present Tense'. Please work through the slides first and then choose a couple of activities from each activity pack. - Click here for the slides - Click here for activity pack 1 - Click here for activity pack 2