Y6 Maths 01.02.21

This week we are moving onto ‘algebra’. All of this block (which will be lasting 2 weeks) is new learning for you all. You will look at forming expressions first before moving on to solving more complex equations.

WALT: Find a rule – 1 step

Daily Practice:

Before you get started, complete one of these 'Flashback' slides OR choose either A, B, C or D to work through.

Now complete today's learning!

- Video - https://vimeo.com/499979721

- Teaching Slides

- Worksheet

- Answers


If you have finished the worksheet, have a go at one of the challenges below. The different activities are labelled as 'Bronze', 'Silver' and 'Gold' like we do in class - choose the activity which will challenge you the most!

Click here for the challenge!