Y6 Maths 08.06.2020

Daily Practice:

Choose either A, B, C or D to complete depending on how confident you are feeling.

Times Tables Rock Star Challenge:

Don’t forget the Year 5’s are taking on the Year 6’s again this week on TT Rockstars.

Main activity:

Today we are going to be learning how to convert fractions into percentages.

If you remember, a percentage is when the part-part whole, is described as if the part amount is part out of 100 (‘per’ means ‘out of’, and ‘cent’ means ‘100’). So converting fractions that are hundredths into percentages is super easy.


1/100 is 1%

25/100 is 25%

What is 38/100 as a percentage?

When the fraction is not out of 100, what should we do?

Use our equivalent fractions to convert the fraction into hundredths.

This is the focus of today’s lesson. Please go through the video carefully, pausing when you need to and rewinding if you want to hear something again.

- Click here for the video

- Click here for the worksheet

Final Thought:

Today we have used equivalent fractions to find a fraction that has 100 as its denominator. There is another way it can be done too, using decimals… Can you find this out too?