Y6 Maths 26.02.21

This week we will work on a ‘Converting Measures’ block in maths. This requires learning and remembering of some facts to help you convert.

Daily Practice:

Before you get started, complete one of these Flashback slides (enable and start the powerpoint to avoid seeing the answers!) OR choose either A, B, C or D to work through.

Now complete today's learning challenges. Move to the second challenge if the first doesn't take longer than 30 minutes.

Today's first challenge (click here) is some questions based on all the work we have covered this week in measurement. There will be a question near the end about imperial measurements - which we haven't covered - so as always try your best and just be happy to 'have a go!'

The answers are here.

Today's second challenge is some measurement word problems. Click here for the worksheet and the answers.