Y6 SPAG 26.02.21


The next couple of spelling sessions will be focused on homophones. Work through the slides and answer the questions as you go. Once you have corrected the spellings on the last slides and checked your answers, you can have a go at the homophone word search below.

- Homophones slides

- Homophones word search (some of the homophones in the word search are different to the ones you saw in the PowerPoint)

Quick homophone tip:

stationery/stationary: These words are commonly confused but there is a fun and simple trick to stop you doing the same. Whenever you mean the paper or writing supplies, think about the word paper, which ends in ‘er’. The word you want is also spelt with ‘er’, not ‘ar’, like the word paper.


This week, we are beginning our ‘Formal and Informal’ block for grammar. The focus for this session is recognising formal and informal language. Please work through the slides first and then choose a few activities to complete.

- Click here for the slides.

- Click here for the activities.