Year 1 English 16.6.20

Today we would like you to work on forming the caterpillar letters correctly.

The caterpillar letters are: a, c, o, d, g, q, e, s, f

Have a look at this clip to learn more BBC Bitesize

Click here for an interactive letter formation activity. Remember to select the caterpillar letters (see above)

Now have a go at writing the caterpillar letters yourself. Click here for some letter formation sheets. You could do as many or as few as you like. Remember the focus is on the caterpillar letters, even though the booklet includes all letters of the alphabet.  You do not need to print the whole booklet.

As an extra challenge, you could have a go at writing words / sentences which include the caterpillar letters such as;

cat, dog, car, and

The cat and the dog went in the car.

Remember to form the caterpillar letters correctly!