Year 1 Maths 15.5.20

Today, we would like you to practise all that you have learned this week about describing position, direction and turns.

Tell a grown up some of the words that you can remember to describe position, direction and turns.

Can you remember how to identify your left and right? Hint – use your hands to make the shape of the letter ‘L’.

Today, we would like you to use a ‘position grid’ to practise the above. You can click here to see a position grid, which you can either print, use on screen or maybe even make your own using some paper and objects from around the house.

Place a counter or object on the grid (choose a space on the screen). Tell a grown up where your counter or object is. Eg It is between the train and the aeroplane. It is on top of the swimming pool and next to the unicorn.

Now try getting from one space to another. Eg Start on the tree and tell a grown up how to get to the lighthouse. Go down 2 spaces. Do a quarter turn to the right and go forward 2 spaces.

Remember to try to use the words to describe position, direction and turns.

Have fun!