Year 1 Maths 16.7.20

Today we are going to be working on learning number bonds to 20. We can use our number bonds to 10 to help us with this.

Try joining in with this number bonds to 20 song to get you started today.

Now watch this White Rose Maths clip to learn more about number bonds to 20. Start the film today at 6 mins 38 secs and stop it at 'Let's test your number bonds skills' as this is the part which is relevant to today's activity.

Today's activity is a challenge. Can you find all of the number bonds to 20? There are 21 different calculations. Can you find and record them all? What could you do to help you to find all of them? Don't forget to use your set of 20 objects to help you if needed.

Here are 2 to get you started.

0 + 20 = 20

1 + 19 = 20

Finally, watch the end of the White Rose Maths clip and have a go at the 'Let's test your number bond skills' at the end of the clip. Remember to think and use your set of objects if you need to.