Year 1 Maths 18.5.20

Today we are focusing on numbers within 100.

Click here to look at a hundred square.

Can you count in ones from 0 to 100?

Can you count in ones from 100 back to 0?

Try starting and stopping at different numbers eg count in ones from 35 to 57 / count back in ones from 63 to 38.

Do you know what number comes before/after a given number eg What comes after 57? What comes before 25? What is 1 more than 82? What is 1 less than 38?

If I count forward in 1s from 78 to 90, will I say 87? 32? Why?

Look at the number square with a grown up and challenge each other to spot given numbers as quickly as you can. Eg point to 64 / 91 / 18

(click on find any number)

Have a go at joining in with these number songs. Make sure that you sing along.

Big Numbers song (counting on in ones)

Counting backwards in ones song

Counting to 20 song