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Year 1 Maths 19.1.21

Today in maths we are focusing on adding by making 10 again.

Use the number bonds to 10 song to get you warmed up and ready to start again today. Click here and get ready to join in.

Now have a look at these power point slides. Remember to share your ideas and answers with a grown up.

Now have a go at solving the problems on this worksheet.

Grown ups - If your child is finding today's maths sheet difficult, please continue to work on learning the number bonds to 10 with them. You could do the first activity from yesterday again - place some objects on a ten frame and they have to identify how many more to make 10. Can they do it without having to count in ones each time? Can they see how many? Can they remember the number bond? Click here for ten frames. If you don't have counters then you could use small objects such as beads, pasta or buttons.


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