Year 1 Maths 2.7.20

Today we are focusing on learning to tell the time to the half hour. It would be good to use your clock to help you again today.

Let's start by singing the 'Hip Hop Around the Clock' song.

Can you remember the position of the clock hands for an o’clock time?

Can you show 2 o'clock on your clock? Now, with the help of a grown up, move the long hand (minute hand) half way around the clock until it points at the 6. The time on the clock now is half past 2.

Have a go at finding some different half past times, with the help of a grown up. Top tip - Start by finding the o'clock time first, then move the long hand half way around the clock to find the half past time.

Now have a go at these sheets to work on showing and reading half past times.

Extra Challenge - Can you make your clock show half past 2 / half past 7 / half past10? What do you notice about the position of the hands for these times? Where does the long hand (minute hand) point for a half past time?