Year 1 Maths - 20.4.20

Monday 20th April – Year 1 Maths

At Landscore, we use a scheme, which teachers plan from called White Rose Maths. This scheme has uploaded onto their website, videos and linked worksheets, which link directly to the learning the children would have done in class.

This week, Y1 children will be beginning to look at Multiplication and Division.

Each day there will be a different video for the children to watch and a worksheet for them to complete. If any of the questions look like they may be able to be completed practically using resources from around the home, then please feel free to do this as well.

Today’s video is: Week 2 - Lesson 2 – Count in 10s.

Please click here for the worksheet.

If you want to complete any of the PREVIOUS lessons, which are on the website (linking to weight and capacity) then please feel free to do so. We ask that you do not go on ahead with the next lessons, as these will be coming up as daily maths activities.