Year 1 Maths 29.6.20

This week in our maths work we are continuing to work on learning about Time.

Today we are focusing on learning to tell the time to the hour.

Let's start by singing the 'What's the time' song.

What do we use to help us to tell the time? Tell a grown up your ideas.

Did I hear you say a clock? Well done, that's right.

I'm sure that you have clocks around your home but your task today is to make your own clock. Watch this short film to help you with ideas.

What are the features of a clock? What does your clock need? (Hands, numbers)

You could use a paper plate / cardboard / paper for your clock.

Extra Challenge - Now that you have made your clock, can you make your clock show 3 o’clock / 7 o’clock / 10 0’clock? What do you notice about the position of the hands for these times? Where does the long hand point for an o’clock time?